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As Big Ben strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve, millions of good people around Britain wish each other a Happy New Year and retire to bed, while millions of not so good people get back to partying long and hard! Meanwhile Joseph Manning and the Carnival Funfairs Team prepare to start January 1st once again in the heart of London providing quality fairground entertainment in the nation’s capital.

The Manning family in Genoa, Italy 2003

It has been a tradition ever since the Millennium Night on 31st December 1999 for Joseph to arrange for funfair entertainment in the centre of London, and in 1999 and 2000 he ran a major fair on the Queen’s Front Lawn, The Mall, attended and enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people and praised in the national press. In 2005 he took the fair to Marble Arch, the very centre of the city, where it operated for two years and now he provides themed rides for the superb Winter Wonderland by Hyde Park Corner, a stone’s throw from Number 1 London, the former home of the Duke of Wellington. There is no better demonstration of the company’s quality than these magnificent events.

However Carnival Funfairs put the same care and attention into more local carnivals, such as our June Event in Tottenham which attracts tens of thousands over two days, the Mayor of London’s Rise Festival in Finsbury Park with over 100,000 visitors, the Mayor of Newham’s Town Show in East London and the annual family fairs we run throughout the country, including the Bank Holiday funfairs in Finsbury Park which are enjoyed by all. It is a testament to our company that were selected to operate our family fairs in the historic towns of St Albans, where we are close to the Verulamium Roman Ruins, and Britain’s oldest city of Colchester as both these towns require quality of any entertainment provider they permit. We proudly present a special promotion for the armed forces in Colchester Garrison to recognise the debt we owe to our troops and to their families. We specialise in community festivals reflecting the multi cultural nature of Britain today, including the Hindu Festival at the Temple in Neasden.


Now we also have Old MacDonald’s Country Fayre, linked to Old Macdonald’s Farm in Brentwood, (www.omdfarm.co.uk) which is a mixture of family favourite rides, games such as crazy golf, and farm fun with Duck Racing, a Sand Based Construction Site and a full size milking cow! We provide rides for major shopping precincts including Lakeside and Bluewater as well as in music festivals in and around London and the South East.

However, faithfully serving the UK's diverse communities has not stopped us from growing to serve many international events, with locations including continental Europe, USA, the Middle East and Australia.

Our established success has allowed Manning's Organisation to also become worldwide importers and exporters of fairground rides and equipment, trading through the sister site Ridetraders.com. We trade and hire equipment ranging from a single hoopla stall to a full sized white knuckle amusement park.

The Manning’s Organisation also provides amusements as media props for hire at Funfair-props.co.uk, primarily for use in TV, film and advertising fields.


World Wide Contacts

Our extensive worldwide contacts allow us to find THE location for you, UK or Worldwide we can organise exactly what you require.

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A Tale of Two Cities

We are absolutely certain that everyone who reads our website news stories, should such a person exist, is very well aware that there is a great Christmas Festival in London each year running once aga...

01 November 2015

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Don't be vague, head for Van Hage!

Once again we return to the wonderful Van Hage Garden Centre, Great Amwell, Pepper Hill, Hertfordshire, SG12 9RP for their annual ice skating festival, as we take along one of our beautiful carousels ...

12th November 2015 to 4th January 2016


Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 2015

We will be at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland this year from 20th November 2015 to 3rd January 2016. For more information please visit the main website: www.hydeparkwinterwonderland.com

20th November 2015 to 3rd January 2016

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Our Green Policy

Ever aware of the importance of protecting the environment, Carnival Funfairs has launched a major policy to reduce carbon emissions with the target of becoming Carbon Neutral by 31st March 2010. Joseph Manning, company Managing Director, has undertaken that he is fully committed to achieving this...