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Seasons Greetings from Singapore and Hong Kong!

Title: Seasons Greetings from Singapore and Hong Kong!
Updated: 23/12/2015 16:25:04

Carnival Funfairs love to travel to new places, and also love to travel to old places too, but this winter we found ourselves in Hong Kong and also Singapore for the fantastic Festivals from November to the Chinese New Year on February 8th and the celebrations right through until 10th February. Here is a fabulous photo of the event, and a good time is being had by all!

A Tale of Two Cities

Title: A Tale of Two Cities
Updated: 01/11/2015 13:21:58

We are absolutely certain that everyone who reads our website news stories, should such a person exist, is very well aware that there is a great Christmas Festival in London each year running once again from November 20th through to January 3rd. Now we are delighted to tell you about another, in one of the other great capitals of this United Kingdom, and that is Edinburgh.

Running over the same period from November 20th to January 4th (ending one day later), is the Edinburgh Christmas Festival featuring the giant Sky Wheel that will offer the best views of this historic city you can find. This is an event not to be missed and fortunately you still do not need a passport to go from England to Edinburgh to enjoy this, or to change your money into Euros! So this is a capital opportunity not to be ignored.

Are you in London? Visit Marble Arch for a real treat!

Title: Are you in London? Visit Marble Arch for a real treat!
Updated: 01/08/2015 12:52:20

Being in a generous and helpful mood, we at Carnival funfairs have found something else for you to visit and enjoy this summer.....a giant observation wheel at Marble Arch! Alongside the historic monument and offering great views of Oxford Street, the Edgware Road and magnificent Hyde Park this is an experience you will not want to miss. Open daily from 10 to 9, and visit for more information, or better still visit Marble Arch for the real thing!

Happy to reccmmend another great day out.

Title: Happy to reccmmend another great day out.
Updated: 27/07/2015 12:02:30

We at Carnival Funfairs rarely suggest to either of those people who read our website other days out to visit, mainly because they are not as good as the ones we run, but this year we will make an exception. The Beach Grent Cross in north London is such a fabulous festival that it is well worth a visit.
Alongside the North Circular in London's leading shopping complex this combines a seaside theme with some super attractions, so once you have visited the Carnival Funfairs event in your area then take a trip to Brent Cross, open up to September 2nd.

Eid Mubarak from Carnival Funfairs

Title: Eid Mubarak from Carnival Funfairs
Updated: 16/07/2015 20:06:59

Eid is a wonderful day for families to enjoy a pleasant time together, and what could be better than visiting our family funfair at Bruce Grove for a very special time. We look forward to welcoming you there on this important day. Enjoy the wonderful summer weather

Coca-Cola National TV Advert

Title: Coca-Cola National TV Advert
Updated: 28/05/2015 13:03:49

Coca-Cola have engaged the services of Funfair Props (Manning Organisation) to provide the rides that will appear in their national TV advertisement.

The stars of the advert are seen spinning around one of our exciting Waltzer rides. Our expertise in working on Film Functions is renowned.

Working in the shadow of Greatness

Title: Working in the shadow of Greatness
Updated: 02/05/2015 14:43:07

Carnival Funfairs can be found in many wonderful parks and open spaces as well as at international venues such as Hong Kong and Edinburgh (which may be more foreign than at present sooner than we all thought) However we are particularly delighted to be working our superb carousel in a location that is very much fixed in the public conciousness, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, scene of so many wonderful Olympic and Paralympic triumphs and tears.
We will be open with this lovely ride in the shadow of the Orbit all through the summer so just call down and join us in the shadow of greatness for a wonderful experience. Of course the stadium will be the home of West Ham very soon so we may have to consider renaming this feature!
The ride is open every weekend and each day during school and bank holidays from now until the end of September. Come as often as you like.

Happy New Year

Title: Happy New Year
Updated: 01/01/2015 12:36:44

Carnival Funfairs wish you a very happy new year and look forward to seeing you at our 2015 Events.
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Seasons Greetings from Singapore and Hong Kong!

Carnival Funfairs love to travel to new places, and also love to travel to old places too, but this winter we found ourselves in Hong Kong and also Singapore for the fantastic Festivals from November ...

23 December 2015

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