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We are barred on Southbank every summer!

Title: We are barred on Southbank every summer!
Updated: 02/11/2014 12:39:52

During the wonderful summer, soon to fade from our memories no doubt as we shiver despite global warming, we took our Carousel Bar and dropped it on London's Southbank for the magnificent summer festival there.
Hundreds of thousands of visitors, young, old, tourists, Londoners, tired and ultimately emotional businesspeople, all came and not only enjoyed a pie and a pint or something similar, but great and wacky entertainment. This collage may give an indication of some of the fun, but join us next year to enjoy more. Better still, visit the Carousel Bar in Winter Wonderland in the meantime, and best of all do both!

Wheel Meet Again

Title: Wheel Meet Again
Updated: 16/07/2014 13:56:44

Our GIANT Ferris wheel will tower above the city centre as the centrepiece of Edinburgh’s Festival for the first time in its history. So forget the Fringe, the Tattoo and the rest, ride our wonderful wheel and see it all.
The colossal attraction – standing at 42 metres – will offer “unrivalled views” of a bustling Capital at the height of the festival season and even air clips from must-see performances into each of its 36 pods.
The big wheel is identical to the one featured at Edinburgh’s Winter Wonderland and will be fixed at the same location next to the Scott Monument.
The fee paid for placing the wheel in Edinburgh at this key time is being ploughed into maintaining monuments at Princes Street Gardens.
Capital residents – with ID to prove their EH postcode – will secure a 20 per cent discount on the £8 fare.
Up to 216 short extracts from headline shows featured in the Jazz and Blues Festival, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, International Festival, Fringe Festival and International Book Festival will be broadcast in the six-person pods.

Tulisa's star shines in Clissold Park

Title: Tulisa's star shines in Clissold Park
Updated: 04/05/2014 11:51:50

Sometimes famous celebrities can get a reputation for being above themselves, but beautiful Tulisa has a personality as lovely as she is as we found out when she visited our great value funfair at Clissold Park in Stoke Newington. Happy to chat to the adoring public and pose for photos with our staff we hope she had a great time as she certainly made our day! Thank you Tulisa, a star in every way.

A Tale of Two Cities

Title: A Tale of Two Cities
Updated: 18/11/2013 21:12:24

We are absolutely certain that everyone who reads our website news stories, should such a person exist, is very well aware that there is a great Christmas Festival in London each year running once again from November 22nd through to January 5th. Now we are delighted to tell you about another, in one of the other great capitals of this United Kingdom, and that is Edinburgh.

Running over the same period from November 22nd to January 5th, is the Edinburgh Christmas Festival featuring the giant Sky Wheel that will offer the best views of this historic city you can find. To be opened by Sir Chris Hoy (who could probably hop on his bike and rush to London to open the other one as well, but we are sure he will not bother) this is an event not to be missed. So this is a capital opportunity not to be ignored.

Great Autumn Day at the Dockside

Title: Great Autumn Day at the Dockside
Updated: 21/09/2013 15:37:50

IN 1971 David Gates wrote the first line of his famous song, saying "If a picture paints 1000 words", well we think this picture paints 1000 words about 1000 years of local history which is why we wanted to share with you this photograph of the Dockside Festival, organised by the London Borough of Newham, in September. Wonderful festival and what a great venue, a mix of London's history with the 21st century and lots of great food and entertainment capped by a superb firework display.
From the photo you can see the dockyards, food store of Britain for centuries and site of great resistance to bombing in World War II, alongside the wonderful new homes shared by all sections of our multi racial community. Well done Newham who continue to recognise and support the importance of community festivals to bring people together and make them proud of their home town of London.

London Grand Prix 2013

Title: London Grand Prix 2013
Updated: 17/07/2013 14:51:27

Hard to say how careful we are when we type Grand Prix in case of any upsetting mistyping! However we have it right, and after years of calling for a London Grand Prix we have created our own with the arrival of the wonderful Race o Rama ride for all ages and featured at all our fairs this year.

So enjoy the summer sun and race around the Race o Rama, dads, mums, children, grannies and granddads one too old or too young!

Return of our fabulous family fair to east London

Title: Return of our fabulous family fair to east London
Updated: 08/07/2013 18:35:37

This coming August, our ever popular family fair will return to Barking Road Recreation Ground (between East Ham and Barking) for 10 days of mayhem and magic for all the family. This year, by popular demand (well we like it) our fair will not only include Old Macdonald's Country Fayre but also our range of white knuckle thrill rides and attractions so there will be something for all ages.

The only bad news is that the pesky Cow Character will once more be back, pestering us all and getting in all your family photos. Sorry about that but do look out for information on when Punch and Judy will come and visit and when Mary from Artbound will join us for free arts and crafts workshops

So visit Barking Road Recreation Ground whilst we are there and check out Forthcoming Fair page for more information, including the fact that we will be there for Eid too so what a wonderful time for local families to visit and celebrate this special day. Mind you, every day is special at our fairs. Even when the perishing cow is there.

Give us a Kiss FM in Finsbury Park

Title: Give us a Kiss FM in Finsbury Park
Updated: 11/04/2013 16:05:31

On Saturday 13th April, Kiss FM will be broadcasting live from our fabulous funfair in Finsbury Park giving you yet another great reason to come and join us there. So you will not only have the chance to try out our range of rides, slides and other exciting options but also to get on the radio and win a competition!

See you in Finsbury Park.
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We are barred on Southbank every summer!

During the wonderful summer, soon to fade from our memories no doubt as we shiver despite global warming, we took our Carousel Bar and dropped it on London's Southbank for the magnificent summer festi...

02 November 2014

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